Burning our food, Dumb Americans!

Oct 12 2007 Published by under Dumb Americans, Goverment policy

biodiesel2[1]How dumb are we? We have the American government and corporate America promoting and encouraging us to burn our food supply to power our cars. The thing is we are buying the that line of thinking as it makes us feel good because we are using a renewable green product too fuel our cars.

Look at this government site www.fueleconomy.gov or look at GM site pushing Flex-fuel cars www.gm.com. All push the idea of burning our food (bio fuel) for fueling our cars.

We start using grain to make ethanol gasoline also know as bio fuel for automobiles because it is renewal. Then look at what is happening to the price of our food. As we burn more grain the cost of feed for live stock starts going up. The price increase in grain will work its way to your table as higher prices for milk, meat and grain based products (breads and breakfast cereals). The basics food needs for all us. Do not forget that the farmer needs grain for his live stock. That live stock is used to make milk, cheese and other dairy based products. So if we keep burning grain to fuel our cars, that puts a higher demand on grain and prices go up. And food prices will continue to go up as we migrate from petroleum fuels to grain based fuels.

SwitchGrass[1]Ok, so let use other crop products for fuel. Like switchgrass, it grows fast, can grow in a wide area in North America, has a better yield per acre then corn and it is not a food crop. Great idea so then we will not be burning our food supply to fuel our cars. So more the farmers can grow switchgrass and make lost of money turning that cash crop into fuel to power our cars. Everyone wins! But now the farmers will stop growing food crops and use their land to grow cash rich fuel crops. So now there is less acreage being farmed with food crops and more land dedicated to fuel crops and what happens to food prices, they go up.

We need to stop burning our food to power our cars! Before you know it we will be all starving to death as we drive our cars powered by our renewable, green fuel. As we will not be able to buy food due to the ever increasing price, or there will no be any food to buy.

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