Fat Americans getting fatter quicker

Oct 26 2007 Published by under Changing scene, Corporate America, Dumb Americans

How dumb are we? We are eating ourselve to death!

We are all eating more. Unless you are living under a rock. If you go to any fast food or takeout place all the portions are bigger. We use to drink an 8 ounce beverage and be satisfied, but thet was 20 years ago. Then it was the 12 ounce can, then the 16 ounce bottle now it is the 32 or 64 ounces big gulp cups. The cups are so big they have a smaller bottoms so they fit in a standard cup holder.

Same story with the American hamburger. The standard 19 cents burger, 20 years ago, with ketchup, muster and a pickle was all we wanted. Then came the double decker burger, followed buy the quarter ponder, quad stacker, the double double and now the one third ponder of angus beef. We are also adding more than just ketchup, muster and a pickle. First it was cheese, then cheese and bacon, now you can get just about anything on you burger including pastrami, chili and who knows what. Take this portion quiz on how portions have changed in the last 20 years.

Look at the names of how we refer to the food products we buy, Super sized, King size, Fat burger, Grandy, Grand, Large, Biggie and the adjectives go on… And the old small and medium are now called sample, kiddie sizes. After all how can a real adult order a kiddie size drink. I order the petite prim rib cut all the time, why not just call it the 8 ounce cut.

The scary thing is we are getting fatter at a faster pace. Check out these CDC trends at the CDC. In 1985 most states had about 10% of their population classified as over weight. In 1990 most states had about 12% of their population classified as over weight. Over weight being an additional 30 pounds for a 5 foot 4 inch person. In 2006 the 12% has climbed to 22% and about half of the states have 27% of there population classified as overweight. Just take a look around the next time you are out for a bite, and you start to notice the number of people that are over weight (myself included, I could loose 30 lb).

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