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Limited Time Teaser Rates

Nov 02 2007 Published by under American Consumer, Corporate America, Dumb Americans

Companies in the telecommunications, cable and satellite dish industry are always advertising their services with a surprising low price.BadAd[1]At first glance the price looks good. Then you see the words promotional rate, introductory rate, first three months, or limited time at this rate. Or something along toughs lines. But nowhere, on the ad, is the real cost listed. Sometimes there is the little special symbol that denotes and additional explanation or terms. But good luck finding the fine print, it is buried somewhere in the multi page paper ad or on another web page with in the site.

So this advertising technique must work. The dumb Americans are jump at this low price and do not even think or consider what this service will cost after the low price time period expires. So as dumb Americans consumers we either get hooked on the service or we get lazes and never cancel the service. So the advertiser wins because you keep paying the monthly fee, month after month at the higher rate.

If the company will not display the real cost then it is not worth it singing up. Most likely they are trying to compete with someone else’s rate that is actually lower all the time. The new company is just trying to lure you into their program with a temporary rate that appears to be competitive. In my opinion this is on the edge of being dishonest, I understand the advertisers rational is they are offering a lower rate for new customers to check there service out for a trial period. It is still only a short term rate.

The advertisers should clearly (not is a tiny print that is imposable to find) state what real monthly rate is in addition to the promotional rate.

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