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Drive Drive Your Corvette To Work Day

Jun 27 2008 Published by under Cars

Ok I guess I’m stuck on car stuff for a while.


But today, 6/27/2008 is the official day to drive your Corvette to work day. The “Drive Drive Your Corvette To Work Day” is in honor of the real birthday of the All American Sports car the Corvette 6/30/1953. Mid-American motorworks had sponsored this event for the past 8 years.

The tradition is, that the Friday that is closest to the real birthday of the Corvette shall be deemed “Drive Drive Your Corvette To Work Day”

So take that special car out for the day and drive it to work

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An Electric Truck to get excited about!

Jun 23 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene

They are back…the all electric vehicles. It has been almost ten years since Chevrolet produced the all electric S10 mid size truck and six years since the all electric Ford Ranger. Both Chevy and Ford finished their electric vehicles with Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. The best and most technically advance battery at the time, also the most expensive. BUT the trucks has limited public acceptance.

Some of the problem with these two trucks were long charging times and short driving distances. The biggest problem is you could NOT buy one. They were only leased. Some, of these electric trucks worked their way from being leased to being purchased. Only about 200 of the Rangers were sold and less than 100 of the Chevy S10 were sold. The rest were CRUSHED.

Have no fear the Phoenix MotorCars company is raising out of the oily, smoggy, soot of southern California. They are producing two all electric vehicles. The big new is they will be sold to the public. Not leased or available for fleet only. So as long as you have $45,000 you can own your very own 100% smog free truck.


The stats on the truck are amazing. Just the available driving range of 130 miles plus, is off the cart for an electric vehicle. And next year, 2009, ther will be and extended battery pack to increase the range to 250 miles. The brushless electric drive has no gears to cycle through and has regenerative breaking at 94% efficiency. This tinny 191 pound electric motor delivers a whooping 400 plus foot pounds of peak toque and 134 horse power. It will push this five passenger sport truck to in excess of 100 MPH and deliver 0 to 60 times around 10 seconds.

Phoenix MotorCars is using the NanoSafe™ battery. It’s a 35 kilowatts battery pack that is lithium ion based. The batteries can be charged in 10 minutes or less, but requires 480 volts. About the same time it takes to fuel a gasoline car. So you’re saying to yourself, who has 480 volts at the home. And I would say to you, who has a gas station at home. The point is, the 480 would be available at a recharging station just like gasoline is today. But with the electric vehicle you also have the option of charging it at home using your photovoltaic solar panels, for zero emissions.

People test driving the Phoenix MotorCars SUT have used words like smooth, strong, powerful, great, it is a real car. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these little beauty and then I can tell the oil companies to stick it where the sun does not shine.

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