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Happy first Birthday!

Sep 20 2008 Published by under Changing scene, Geek stuff

Birthday1[1]WOW it has been a year since the launch of the “Thoughts Cubed” Blog. Cannot believe that so much time has gone by so fast. There has been a diverse range of topics blogged about here. Topics from cars to solar power and strange Television shows, like Courtney’s show Dirt, have been covered. Some great and some not so great.

There has even been a series on whole house audio distribution systems. Part one and two have been posted and the third part about Audioengine speaker is to be posted in the next month or so. There will also be an interesting post about a supercar that is constructed out of 90% bio-renewable organic materials. Strange soloution for and every day problem.

I’m also sure that there will several more post on alternative energy. So here it to the next year and many more to follow…..

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Windows ad campaign

Sep 19 2008 Published by under Changing scene, Corporate America, Dumb Americans, Geek stuff

A 300 million dollar ad campaign to make us all feel good about windows? It would take a heavenly miracle to make us all feel better about Windows. I see several problems with the ad campaign.


First problem is me. Sorry I did not get the “Simple Life” parody of Bill and Jerry as BFF. Just blew completely by me. Maybe I would have got the parody if the ad was the full 4.5minutes that is posted on the internet. But only seeing 60 seconds at a time was not enough. Did not see the parody until I read about the ads in the news. I thought it was like a Target ad, just a little bit of mindless entertainment to build brand awareness. Oh well it must just be me, I must be one of the dumb Americans.

Second I guess Bill and Jerry were trying be funny. It just did not happen, the spot was not funny. Even Bills robot dance was not funny. The Apple spots are funny, but this was not.

In my option spend the 300 million dollars on designing better software. Oh I forgot we like software that crashes and is attacked by all kinds of virus and malware. But then again we are all just a bunch of Dumb Americans, because we keep buying windows!

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Google Chrome shine or safety

Sep 03 2008 Published by under Changing scene, Corporate America, Geek stuff, Google

IS Chrome for Google security and safety of Google’s ad revenue or is it Google’s research project for an Operating system? Or Maybe it is both.

The underlying technologies of the Chrome browser are very much like a Operating System. With features like a Task Manger that displays the different processes very much like Windows OS. Google’s decision to divide and conquer processes at the browser level could be and exercise in developing a more sophisticated project to follow on in the future (like an OS).

But on the other hand is Google just protecting their own ad revenue? Is Chrome a way to guarantee their ability to server up the correct ad based on your browser history? There was nothing to stop Microsoft, FireFox or Safarii to throwing up roadblocks that prevented Google from displaying the most relevant ad. After all who is the biggest inline provider on online ads?

One additional observation, the Chrome logo looks a lot like the Milton Bradley Simon game from the late 70′s.

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