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You won’t lose your money, or will you?

Nov 21 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Dumb Americans

Hard times bring out the most curious products. Here is a guy that is playing off the recent rash of bank failures. By trade he is a licensed septic installer, so he uses material that he is familiar with, Plastic pipe. So with a short twelve inch long, four inch diameter PVC pipe, one end cap, a slip to thread coupling and a thread plug, Earl creates the “Midnight Gardner”. Oh and he paints it blue.

Midnight_GardenerAnd what do you do with the Midnight Gardner you fill it full of money and bury it. That’s right you dig a deep hole in your yard and bury it. Now you better remember where you buried all that money. So in the FAQ section of his website he offers solution on how to remember where you buried it.

So for the skeptical and doom a gloomers you can visit his website and pick up your new device to save your money in. I guess I will file this one under Dumb Americans. Or with the current stock market the Midnight Gardner might be a smart investment.

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FlexFuel = Higher food prices

Nov 19 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Dumb Americans

flex_fuelWhen you see the FlexFuel badge on a car or truck, just think about higher food prices. The car or truck with this badge could be burning food product to power the Vehicle. If they are burning e-85 ethanol fuel, corn or some food grain use used to produce the ethanol. Even if a non food product, like switchgrass was use it still effect food prices. Land that would normally be used to grow corn was use to rise the switchgrass.

All this drives up food cost. We see the higher prices reflected in beef, dairy and grain products. A better solution to our consumption of oil is true renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro.

But as dumb Americans we follow the corporate lead and burn our food to fuel our cars!

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Now what?

Nov 07 2008 Published by under Changing scene, Goverment policy

For years Jackson and Sharption have spoken out against the establishment. Now that we have a President of color what are they going to do? They are part of the establishment now, no excuses.


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