FlexFuel = Higher food prices

Nov 19 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Dumb Americans

flex_fuelWhen you see the FlexFuel badge on a car or truck, just think about higher food prices. The car or truck with this badge could be burning food product to power the Vehicle. If they are burning e-85 ethanol fuel, corn or some food grain use used to produce the ethanol. Even if a non food product, like switchgrass was use it still effect food prices. Land that would normally be used to grow corn was use to rise the switchgrass.

All this drives up food cost. We see the higher prices reflected in beef, dairy and grain products. A better solution to our consumption of oil is true renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro.

But as dumb Americans we follow the corporate lead and burn our food to fuel our cars!

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  • Cretetate says:

    I have just found this great forum with the subject on the organic farming . Great ways to eat only good and healthy food. To prepere yourself for upcoming years of hunger. There are arround 1000 members and 10000 of threads for you to read and participate in most likely
    one of the biggest problems on earth and bio-fuel will just make it a bigger problem!