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Early AM T&A Show

Dec 28 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Dumb Americans

In the Los Angeles area you need to get up early to go anywhere on the freeways. But in December when it is cold and still dark, at 5AM, hundreds of guys got up to see the Double D’s in December beauty pageant. For the last two December KROQ radio early morning KEVIN & BEAN SHOW host a pageant outside the Slidebar in Fullerton. This show airs from 5AM to 9AM for the morning commute.

So there is a mass sea of guys all drinking and watching nine girls prance around, on the outdoor stage, in their short skirts and bikinis (lots of goose bumps here). In the competition were Cassandra( 25) from Chino Hills, Roxanne(24) from Huntington Beach, Stacy(24) also from Huntington Beach( 23) from Costa Mesa , Janelle(22) of La Verne, Danielle,(21) from Covina, Camry(22) of Norco, Nicolette(23) of Covina, and Crystal(23) from Anaheim.

Cassandra was voted the winner. There were no judges and the voting was done on-line over the internet. Now this is an early morning radio show, that is position for the morning commute time slot.

So how does the voting work. You’re in your car! For one you cannot see the girls, as this is a radio program. So how do you know who to vote for? And two if you are voting on you handheld mobile device you’re breaking California law, as it is now against the law, in California, to use your mobile phone while driving.

Alright, your right, the whole pageant was webcasted live on the KROQ website. So if you had web access you could see the ladies. But that means…. you were late for work or…. Your messing around on the internet at work.

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Personal airbags

Dec 12 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Corporate America, Geek stuff

When I was watching the “Speed Racer Movie” they had these very cleaver devices that formed around the driver and filled with foam when the driver was in imminent danger. This would happen when the driver was involved in a crash. So the race drivers bounce to safety encased in giant foam filed orbs that put Detroit’s airbags to shame. I understand that these device are not real and it was just a movie but the concept does have some merit.

Detroit keeps adding more airbags too our cars. First we started with the airbag in the steering wheel. The front seat passenger airbag then side airbags, and now auto makers are putting airbags everywhere. They are even testing external airbags. Look at the photo below. This test vehicle must have ten or more airbags. Wow that is a lot of safety. In a crash it must feel like a bomb going off when the all deploy.

So why not do something like the foam filled escape orbs of the Speed Racer movie. Enclose the driver and passengers inside of some kind of personal air bag instead of putting and airbag in every nook and cranny of the vehicle. An additional benefit of the personal airbags is the airbag would continue to protect the occupant even if they are thrown from the car.

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Dying the Wrong Way

Dec 05 2008 Published by under Changing scene, Dumb Americans, Goverment policy

When you die without a “will” the State move in and takes over. The result is an estate auction. The auctioneer takes everything you owned and sells it off to the highest bidder. That a sad thought, that one’s live time is dissolved through and impersonal sale of all your personal belongings. And if you own personal property that is auction off also. At this particular estate sale two autos were sold to the highest bidder.

After the estate sale is done the state then puts your house on the auction block. So what took a life time to accumulate and pay for is gone in days.

So how do you prevent this? Get a will and leave your property to someone, even a charity or church, somebody. Please do not be a dumb american and leave it to the State to decide.

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