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California Tax Squeeze

Feb 20 2009 Published by under Changing scene, Dumb Americans, Goverment policy, Taxes

I guess the California State Legislature is out of touch with the real world! In their infinite wisdom our California state law makers are going to kick us when we are down. We get the double squeeze by getting taxed more when wages are being cut, the value of our house is falling, like a rock, and our investments are disappearing,as the stock market keeps falling. The California State Legislators are sticking their hands in our pocket and taking more of our money. Caligornia did nothing to help Obamas stimulus package.


Seems strange, that whenever the state government needs more money they just figure out another way to tax Joe citizen more. Oh sure they cut some programs, but most of the time the cuts are just reduction to their increased spending.

On the other hand when Joe citizen needs to make a budget adjustment, where do we get more money. We have no one to add or increase a tax too. No we end up cutting. Real cutting like doing without stuff. That is the only way, the majority of us, can make ends meet. Some of us, Joe citizen, can increase our income or work more hours, but not many of us. So we all do with less.

The State government is encouraging us to spend less by raising the California stats sales tax. So if we buy less the economy suffers, by less goods being sold. That’s great for jobs. If the state lowered state sales tax, people would have more money to buy stuff. If they bought more we get more state sales taxes revenue and more jobs. More jobs produce more tax revenue.

Same problem with higher personal property on car taxes. When Detroit is having a very difficult time selling new cars lets discourage people by doubling the personal property tax on cars. That just makes us all ready to run out and pay MORE sales tax and personal property tax on autos. Great plan to stimulate car sales. A better plan would be to get Joe average guy an incentive to purchase a new car, maybe a tax credit or something.

So who are the dumb Americans? Joe citizen who keep paying more in taxes? Or the State Legislature who think there is not limit to taxing Joe citizen? Californa passed a reverse stimulus package. Obamas stimulus package may have a lot of pork in it but it did not tax us like Califorrnia did.

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Foreign Cars made in America

Feb 10 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene, Corporate America

I was having a discussion about cars with a fellow colleague. We were talking about buying a new car and what to buy. The age old question of foreign vs. American made came up. The long standing assumption was made that a foreign built car was built better and would have less problems. I then pointed out that Honda and Toyotas have been built in the United States for years. This was quite a surprise to the new car buyer.


I then did a quick search on the internet to see which foreign auto makers are manufacturing or assembling motor vehicles with in the United States. And even I was surprised at the number of foreign auto makers that now have plants in the United States and the volume they are producing. Some 5 million cars a year.

  • Toyota, Texas and Mississippi, 1.3 Million cas per year
  • Honda, Ohio and Indiana, 1.0 million car per year
  • Nissan, Tennessee
  • BMW, South Carolina, 150 thousand cars per year
  • Kia, Georgia, Plant under construction
  • Hyundai, Alabama
  • Volkswangon, in the planning stages

So the question is are foreign cars that are made in America “Foreign”? Or are they American?

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