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Ford BEV beats out Chev Volt

Apr 11 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene, Future things

ford_bev1-300x151Here is another all electric vehicles to get excited about, The Ford Focus BEV. More so then the products from Phoenix Motor Company.  Why? Because it will be distributed by a nation wide network of Ford dealerships. Plus the Ford BEV ( battery electric vehicle) is not a extend range or hybrid vehicle. It is a pure plug-in.

The Chevrolet Volt is an extended range vehicle that will only go 40 mile before the on-board diesel charger kicks in. The Ford Focus BEV has a 100 mile range. A hundred mile does not sound like a lot but the majority of Americans drive less then 100 mile round trip to work every day.

Ford is also shelding  itself of the high cost and risk of vehicle development.  Magna International Inc. bought their own Ford Focus and converted it to an all electric vehicle. The conversion was on Magna Internationals dime, then they delivered it to Fords door step. Where as General Motors has been spending millions and years developing the Chev Volt.

Who has the better solution? In my opinion it will be the Ford Fusion BEV. My one wish would be that the cars looked a bit more cutting edge, like the original Volt concept. The Production version always seams to get dumbed down and look like just another car.

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