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All Electric car with Net connection

May 02 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene, Future things


So will the Tesla Model S be a car of firsts?

- First all electric car with 160 mile range standard.
- First with option to go 300 miles on a single battery pack.
- First to offer a five minuet battery pack swap.
- First 3G network connected car.
- First with a 17″ information display.
- First all electric that looks fantastic.
- First with real world performance 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.
- First all electric passenger the will go 120 mph

As electric car go, the Telsa Model S goes and goes and goes. More than any other all electrical car that is currently being discussed. With a top range of 300 miles the Tesla S is more than a commuter car. It can be used for trips, and with a 5 minuet battery swap the range is endless. Imagine, if fully charged battery packs were available on the highway at places like gas stations. But instead of filling up with gasoline you swap your spent battery pack for a fully charged battery pack. Then you just keep driving, for anothe 300 miles.

For the negative crowd out there, that argue power plants pollute too, I will be recharging my all electric car, with renewable power, solar and wind. So when I start driving an all electric vehicle it will truly be green. Plus I will not be dependent on the oil companies.

Tesla Model S is a truly network connected car. Reports are the information center will run Google’s Android operating system and the Google Chrome web browser. You will have access to Google maps in real time along with YouTube for entertainment. You will also be able to check the charging status of the, Tesla Model S, on your cell phone.

Now will this car ever get to the masses? I hope so. Tesla Motors plans to build 20,000 a year, in a plant in sothern California. Current estimates are the car will be on the street late 2011 or early 2012. Tesla is still looking to the government for cash and their are several big investors, like the founder of Google. So the future looks bright for the $49,000 Tesla Model S.

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