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Google announces Chrome OS

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Google announces Chrome OS 7/7/09. Just as we perdicted in our post of September 2008  Google Chrome shine or safety.  Google posted this entry on the Chrome blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS.

So the to titans are going to battle it out. The question is: Will Google be able to survive in the Operating System arena. Microsoft has struggled for years to gain a foot hold in the search space.  Microsoft has pored Millions in to search and have made very little progress. Should the titans stay with what they know and where that make money?

Google is going to spend million of dollars to develop the Linux based Operating system then theyare going to give it a way. There has got to be more to this business model?

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PC Guy Late to the Mac Party (part three)

Jul 02 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Geek stuff

OK as promised the speakers! The most unique speakers are the Audioengine A5 speakers that I will be using inside the house. For the outside I will be using Polk Audio Polk Audio Atrium 45p Self-Powered Loudspeakers.

You have two options when doing multi room audio. One option is to use a central multi room amplifier, or option two is to use self-powered speakers. A central amplifier can get expensive and complicated real fast. So to keep things simple I choose to use self-powered speakers.

Self-powered speakers also keep the wiring simple. You also have the choice to go wireless when using the Apple Airport express. If you decide to use wire you can use your existing Ethernet wire. The Audioengine speakers have a unique setup that allows you to plug the Apple AirPort Express right into the back of the speaker, for 110v power. Audioengine provides a short audio cable to connect the Airport express to the Audioengine speakers. The cable is just the right length. No extra cable to bundle up. Keeps the installation nice a neat. So, if you are using a wireless Ethernet connect you will only need one A/C power connection to the speakers.


Audioengine A5 speakers


Indoor speakers

-  75 watts peak per channe l

- auto power on and off

- power outlet for Apples Airport






Polk Audio Atrium series 45p self powered speakers
Polk Audio Atrium 45p powered speakers

Outdoor Speakers

- 25 watts per channel

- case is build to Military specks

- blue Polymer Woofers






But you say you do not like using Apples iTunes. There is a software application called Airfoil for Windows that will solve your phobia with Apples iTunes, and still give you access to multiple Apples airport express locations. More on that topic next time.


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