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Wave Taking Over the E-mail World

Aug 25 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Future things, Geek stuff, Google


Is Google Wave what e-mail should be? What category does Google Wave  fit anyway? What is Google Wave exactly? Does it do too much?

It looks to me as Google is pushing for a complete paradigm change in the internet communication sea. At first glance, Google Wave, does E-mail, Instant messaging, pulse Collaboration. But then you start to peel back the layers and there is so much more. You could use Google Wave to Tweet, blog, share photos albums, project documentation, play games and the list keeps going on and on….

So will the world’s tides be shifted by the Google Wave. The first problem is Google Wave requires a forklift replacement of the old way of doing things on the internet today. Namely it replaces IM and E-mail as we know them to day, for the better in my opinion. After all that was the geniuses of the Google Wave project the mission was “What would e-mail be like, if it were created today, not 40 years ago?”

So you might see early adopters start using Google Wave in a Corporate or business setting. Google Wave could increase productive by offering faster communication and better collaboration between staff. Will the corporate world want all that data stored in the Google cloud? Or will they install their own Federation copy of Google Wave?

So will we be using Google Wave in a year or two? Or will the Google Wave project lead to something else that is better and easier to implement? Or will Google Wave be a wash out?

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Aptera – Car, Spaceship, or Golf Cart

Aug 14 2009 Published by under Cars, Changing scene, Future things


Well, what is this thing?  The Aptera will go from zero to 60 in under 10 seconds. You will get more than 100 miles-per-charge. The thing is the most aerodynamic looking  vehicle on the road.  It is legal on the freeway but only hasthree wheels.

So I think we can  eliminate the Aptera being and expensive golf cart, as it goes too fast to be a golf cart and is freeway legal.  So what about a spaceship. Aptera sure looks like a spaceship, with the blugey front windshield and the extream aerodynamic styling. But since it has three wheels and is earth bound we can rule out the Aptera being a spaceship.

What the Aptera is a very light, very strong, 100% electric vehicle.

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