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Birthday Number Two

Sep 20 2009 Published by under Changing scene, Dumb Americans

It is are second BIRTHDAY today. secondbirthday-240x300[1]We have been posting, about all kinds of topics, for two years. There have been a lot of posts on alternative energy, and electric cars. I was very surprised to finding the large number of manufactures that are working on ALL electric automobiles.

What does the next year hold in store for us, know one knows. Will there be more post on electric cars, or will our interest stray off into other areas?

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Who Decides What IPTV You Watch?

Are only certain Networks channels displayed on your television set because the television manufacture has done a deal with that network?No, you get all the network channels that are broadcasted in your area.

So then why are Television manufactures making deals with internet video streaming sites and only displaying the ones they get paid too? It would be like Mitsubishi making a deal with NBC and CBS only. And since they do not have a deal with ABC you cannot receive ABC on the Mitsubishi Television. We would all thing that was nuts.

Will that is exactly what is taking place in today’s market. Television manufactures are only allowing streaming services that they cut deals with. No deal, no access through the television.

If the smarts are in a TV to receive, for example, Netflix, then the TV is smart enough to receive others. True the software for streaming is not standardized today BUT it should be. Manufactures should not be controlling what Internet Streaming sites work or do not work on a given television.

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