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Upgrade Sony Tivo to Tivo HD

Oct 27 2009 Published by under Changing scene

sony_tivoThe upgrade from the 2000 vintage Sony Tivo to the Tivo HD was like getting exposed to Tivo all over again. Back in 2000 I did not get or understand  the Tivo revolution. Why would anyone spend $500 just to recoded a TV show. After all I have my trusty VCR.  You do remember what a VCR is right?  Will someone gave us a Sony Tivo for helping then set up a medical office. That Sony Tivo change the way I watched television for ever.  Now I was watching what I wanted when I wanted.  Plus if the phone rang I could pause live TV. All these were first at the time, back in 2000.

Well I have been very slow to upgrade to  a newer Tivo. After all mine dose the job. It has the Tivo lifetime service.  I have converted the phone only Sony Tivo to a ethernet connect unit with a giant hard drive.  The Old Sony Tivo will store almost 200 hours of television. What else did I want.

let me tell you what I wanted…I wanted, to be able to recorder in HD, I wanted to be able to recored two shows at a time, I wanted Netflix streaming, I wanted YouTube, I wanted Yahoo weather, I wanted Pictures and video from my PC and Mac and the list goes on and on….tivo-hd_11-300x224[1]

So I finally found a Tivo HD unit, with lifetime service, for under $500 and I jumped. And now I have all kinds of options all with a touch of a button from the Tivo remote.  Like I said back in 2000 Tivo changes the way you watch television and now Tivo changes the way I use my television.

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Nobel Pease Peace for Obama NOT….

Oct 09 2009 Published by under unbelievable

After only being the President of United States a few months, Obama wins the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. The initial reaction, at the announcement hall, was not positive. In short the world was very surprised the Norwegian Nobel Committee selected Obama.

Obama himself seemed surprised and made the statement “Let me be clear, I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments,obamanobelprize[1]

but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations,” during his speech on Friday October 9th. So he admits to not really accomplishing any to earn the Nobel Pease prize.

This would be like a school teacher handing out A’s to all her students because they all planed on writing a perfect 500 word essay. So what does this teach our children? That you can get A’s in a subject for just planning to do something?

If we follow the example set by the Norwegian Nobel Committee our kids just need to try for that A and they will get it. In my opinion President Obama should not have accepted the award until he accomplished something worthy of the Nobel Pease Prize. The stature and prestige of the Nobel Pease Prize has been  eroded by selecting Obama at this time.

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Better TV with Widgets?

Oct 08 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Corporate America


To solve the question, that was asked earlier this year “Who Decides What IPTV You Watch?” the industry has responded with the TV Widget. TV widgets allow you, the consumer, to break free from the iron fist of TV manufactures deciding what internet content you watch on your TV.

Several TV manufactures including LG, Samsung, Sony and soon to be Visio have introduced flat panel televisions that have Yahoo Widgets. Yahoo Widgets is a set of software that connects your TV to the internet and presents information kind of like an iPhone. The information comes from the internet but the user experience is not the normal personal computer browser model.

Visio has taken the Yahoo Widgets one step further. Not to be tied to Yahoo and Yahoos release schedule, Visio developed their own widget platform for Visio televisions. Visio developed there own platform using Adobe Flash. So it will be a very open platform. It will also support Yahoo’s Widgets, so you get the best of both worlds.

Visio is planning on releasing a SDK or software developer’s kit, so any one can develop a Widget for the Visio television. You could even develop a custom home automation interface or a interactive Game, the sky it the limit.

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