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Jazz Guitarrist Tim bowman

Dec 10 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene

Tim_BowmanWho is Tim Bowman you ask? If you like smooth jazz or easy listing music, read on as we fill in the gaps.  If you like the hard rock or heavy metal stuff this post is not for you.

Sweet Sundays, on his new album, is a great track to relax and sip something cold by the pool.  Tim Bowman is not one of your main stream recording artist. He can be found on SirusXM Watercolors channel or Or on the old fasion FM radio you might find him on The Wave KTWV-FM.

It has been  a while since we have seen any new material from Tim but this 2009 CD was worth the wait. It was four years ago that he released is CD titled “This is what i hear’” and fours year before that i 2000 he released Smile. But this new CD will give me many hours of relaxed time around the pool.

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Google Real-Time Search

Dec 07 2009 Published by under Corporate America, Google


Google announces “Real Time Search”. What is it, results as they happen. Today the Real-Time Search results display results from Twitter and general sources. Google is still working on additional feeds form Facebook and MySpace.

Getting a feed from MySpace raises the question is Goolgle paying for these feeds.  Google did not answere the question, Danny Sullivan tried to come at the question in several direction. One wonders, in the wake of the fight over paying for news feed over that last few weeks, if money is exchanging hands.

This new feature “Real -Time Search” results display as a scrolling window on the main page or by using the option column you can change the whole page in to real time web search results.

Google has a video about the new ‘Real-Time Search” results:

or you can read the Google Blog about “real-Time Search” results.

How is Real Time Search done? Real-Time Search indexes a Billion pages a day. Yep thats a B for BILLION. And with in seconds analyzes the results for relevance and decides if the results should be used.  With in seconds the result is available on Google. Google had to develop doezons of new technologyed to get Real-Time search to work, see diagram below.


So now the questions are:

1.   How will this change the Web?

2.   What is your strategy to leverage this new technology?

3.  What is relevant for “Real-Time” ?

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