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Save Electricity Without Doing Anything

Jan 22 2010 Published by under American Consumer, Geek stuff

cutoffSave electricity with out doing anything, well almost. You do need to buy this handy new plug strip. The gizmo works like a  normal power strip/surge protector. With a twist.

There is a USB cable attached to the plug strip, strange right. Not for this new plug strip. You plug the USB cable into you computer. Then plug all your peripherals into the plug strip. Now the USB controlled power strip will turn off all your peripherals when you turn off your computer. And that is when you star to save money. The manufacture clams a 10% savings, for me that $25.00 a month.

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Movie Trailers Show it all

Jan 21 2010 Published by under Changing scene, Dumb Americans, Hollywood trash

Why does Hollywood take all the best parts of a movies and crams them all into a 60 second promo movie trailer. Every studio does it. They entice you with all these really great high energy action scenes, or funny gags. Then when you go to see the movie there is not any new material. It’s all the stuff you saw in the movie trailer.

Or the trailer makes you think it is going to be a funny movie and in reality, the movie is a drama or a real downer or a dark story. Nothing like getting ripped off, it is like a bait and switch, except you have paid for your ticket and waisted an hour and a half watching something that was not what you though it was. Oh sure you could go to the manager and demand your money back, but you went out for a good time, not to spike your blood pressure.

For me, I will not watch a movie trailer of an upcoming movie, that I really want to see. I will listen to all the buzz, or read about it, but I will not watch any movie trailer or news spot on the upcoming feature. So when I finally get to see the movie it is all new and unexpected.

I do the same for TV shows, I never watch the coming attraction of the next episode. So Hollywood take a note, save the good stuff for the paying customers when they get to the movie, don’t put it all in the Trailer.

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