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13 Dumb Things People do While Driving a Car

Mar 18 2010 Published by under Dumb Americans

Distracted_driverBeleive it or not I have seen all of these being done on the road while people are driving.  For 20 years I drove the freeways of Los Angeles for over two hours a day and you see allot. It is just hard to understand how people think they can drive a 60 MPH plus and do this stuff and not get killed or kill someone else. 

 Most of these have something in the vehicle code that makes them against the law. But then gain we never thing we will get caught. We are short of time, in a hurry, borad, stupid or just plane dumb.   


13 Dumb Things People do While Driving a Car

  1. Drink an alcoholic beverage
  2. Listen to music with headphones
  3. Use a mobile phone or text on a mobile device
  4. Have sex
  5. Read the newspaper or Book
  6. Apply facial makeup/eyeliner/mascara
  7. Use their laptop
  8. Sleep
  9. Feed an infant
  10. shaving
  11. Picking their nose, and they think no one can see them!
  12. Change drivers
  13. Change your clothes

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