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Obama Bows to Foreign Leaders but Snubs LA Commuters

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US citizens have died or have been  put into prison for refusing to BOW to foreign leaders. But Mister Obama bows to foregin leaders all the time. He has bowed to the Japan’s emperor. He has bowed to the Saudi king. (notice the lower case letter for emperor and king, no bowing here)

Why does Obama feel the need to bow to a leader that we defeated in World war II. Obama actions reflect, on the United States, as a sign of weakness. Obama should be standing proud and the Japanese should be bowing in respect to all the america lives we  lost in WWII.

But when is comes to the American public Obama has no respect. The latest example is the grid lock he caused during his visit to Los Angeled on August 16th. Mind you the visit to Los Angeles was NOT a state mater. It was a fund raiser for the Democratic National Party.

Obama clogged up LAX Airport and the his Secrict Service closed several major streets in West Los Angeles, causing up to a five hour delay for some people.  Is Obama so important that he has the right to virtually stop Los Angeles traffic for such a long time. I have been caught up in Presidential road closures before.  As I remember I was delayed for maybe 30 to 40 minutes. I was a little late to work, but nothing like wat Obama did in Los Angeles.

There were reports of a mother who was picking up her children from school. A trip that should have only taken a few minutes. It took her over four. Stuck with her children in the car with out moving. She was less than a block from her house. LAPD would not let he back into her house.  When the children need to go th the bathroom they had no where too go.

Or the stories  about the people that could not leave there driveways for hours on end. What about the Doctors that could not get to the hospital for there surgery’s, or care givers who could not get to their patients, Lawyers that could not get to court.  Or any body else who could just not get to work.

In my opinion, the president should not cause that much disruption for a non-state event. Even if it was a state event the Secret Service should limit the disruption to a City like Los Angeles. Obama should have landed Air Force One at military base. That way he would not be tying up a civilian air port. Then he should have take a helicopter to a landing area  close to the destination, a park, an intersection any open space.  If there is no landing area close to the location then change the location.

This was a fund raising party,  not all that important. It was Not state business. It was not National security. The world was not coming to an end.  So mister Obama next time please stay home, in the White House, where you can be safe and secure. Besides the Democrat National committee raised a Million dollars, BUT what did the traffic  control and security cost the citizens of Los Angeles.  I bet you it was over a Million.



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Have you gone Key Less yet?

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How things change. I use to have a pocket full of keys. You know a key for the house, and key for the car and Key for work and some how the number of keys just grew. Will now I do not have any keys in my pocket and guess what I do not need any keys for normal daily  life.

The world is going key less, in respect to the old fashion metal tumbler keys. Now days I carry around electronic do dads in my pocket. For the car it is great. You do not even need to take anything out of your pocket to unlock the door. It just automatically unlocks for you. Just grab the door handel and poof the door pops open. Then to start the car just push the button on the dash. That’S it.

For work, it is a wireless iButton that allows Me to unlock and open the door. Not as hands free as the car access. Still the same iButton can get you in the main office door and any other door you are authorized too open.  The iButton access can be limited by time of day or even the day of week. Plus when a employee leaves you just deactivate his iButton.

Now your saying, what about your house , well in the car there is the home link system that allows me to open the garage door, so who needs a key to open your house. and if your not in your car there is an outside keypad that you can use to open the garage door.

All this stuff is not rocket science, and has been available for almost 10 years. So what is the big deal. The big deal is the adoption rate of the technology recently and the low cost. It seems this technology is every where. Makeing it easer for every one to go key less.




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