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Phoenix Motor car Update

Aug 25 2011 Published by under Cars, Changing scene

Back in 2008 I wrote about Phoenix Motor cars. A small start up that was doing Research and development on electric cars. Original Phoenix Motor car had two models and sport truck and a sedan. If you visit their website it looks like they have drope the sedan. The sport truck is the only vehicle on the website. Plus they are ONLY doing fleet sales at this time . No private party sales. That is sad

I also had the opportunity to drive by their corporate offices in Ontario California. As you can see from the photo below

Phoenix Sport trucks waiting to be electrified, by Greg Powers

the lot is full of sport trucks. Lots of them for a small manufacture.  Well they are not really na automotive manufacture. They buy the rolling assembled truck for a manufacture in Korea. Then install the all electric drive train here in Ontario California.

The new policy of only doing fleet sales is reflected in the over wellming number of white sport trucks. The other strange thing is the trucks are sitting in a parking lot that is part of a lite industrial park.

phoenix Motor car sport truck, by Greg Powers

Her is another photo showing a side view of the sport truck.

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Nissan Leaf Reservation Update

Aug 05 2011 Published by under Cars


Just a quick update on the leaf reservation process. I have been receiving e-mails from Nissan informing me that my estimated time of delivery has been updated. The original estimated delivery was mid to late September.  So, an August date this is good news. Remember I started the reservation process in mid May, 2011. So if the Leaf is really delivered in Augest that will be a four month wait.

I have also received an invitation from Nissan to initiate a CARWINGS account. What the heck is a CARWINGS account? Well the Nissan Leaf has a telemetry system that reports (prepaid AT&t cell connection for three years) things like the number of trips you drive , the distance you drive, miles per kilowatt , and number of trees you built for any given day.  It is all reported and presented on a very nice graphical website.

Two other notable cool features about CarWings. Nissan compares you against other Leaf drivers for getting the most miles per kilowatt and the number of trees created among other things. This is done world wide and by region.

The other great CARWINGS feature has to do with the navigation system.  You can plan your trip using you desktop computer and then send it to you leafs nav system through the internet. very nice, I always disliked sitting in the car planing out a route on the nav screen.

So for now I just continue to wait. One surprise is the requirement to install a charging station using Nissan’s preferred vendor has gone away.

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