PHP too the Rescue

May 08 2012 Published by under Geek stuff

I have just crawled out form under a ROCK.  And PHP is shining like a brand new day. Years ago I did some programming for some websites. But for the last four or five years I have just fixed things here and there. All this old programming was done in Microsoft’s Active Server Pages, aka ASP.  This was the pre Microsoft .NET revamp of the ASP environmental. Most people refer to it as Classic ASP.

Years and years ago when I started diving into the web world,  with ASP programing it was easy, as early in my life I studied the BASIC programming language.  BASIC  was one of  the programing languages  I used  in collage, along with FORTRAN and COBOL. The BASIC was called BASIC+ and was running on a DEC PDP 11/45. IF you know  what all this is you are older then me.

ASP classic scripting could use ether VBScript or  can use JavaScript as a programing language. Since VBScript  was based on BASIC it was like being back at school.  I felt right at home.

Since I have been out of the programming universe the last several years I missed the transition from Classic ASP to  ASP.NET. That is where PHP comes to the rescue.  As PHP is more like ASP Classic. ASP.NET is a complete paradigm shift away from ASP Classic.

In my initial  investigation in to the PHP world I  found a vast complex labyrinth of support. There are all kinds of support for accessing web services such as Google, yahoo, Flicker and more.  Then there are coding frame works like Zend and codeigniter that can get a web appliation up and running quickly. And by using some of the Zend provided coding modules, you can grab photos form Picasa and other web services with out breaking a sweat.

The first problem is learning the difference in the programming languages. PHP is based on C++ which is like BASIC but has a different syntax.  So on with the adventure, lets explore the world of PHP.


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