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Huge So-Cal EV Charging station

Dec 20 2011 Published by under Future things, Sloar, Solar Install, Uncategorized


Above is a photo of the Southern California Edison demonstration electric vehicle charging station in Irwindale California . This is a huge charging station with eight SAE J1772 EVSE and four old style inductive paddle chargers.  That is twelve charging stations, each with it’s own dedicated parking space.

The twelve parking spaces are covered by very large PV solar (300 panels) array that can produce 35,000 kWh per year. Or enough electricity to drive 10,000 miles a year.

Her is a photo look up at the PV solar array.

Could not believe that all eight SAE J1772 EVSE station were unused.


This is all the support equipment for the L2 and L1 stations.  When I first saw all these electrical cabinets and the ladder with supplies I though they might be installing a L3 charging station, but no such luck.

The EVSe are all part of the Charge Point network so you can check the status and avaiable on-line using the Charge Point website.

Just an interesting note:

I did not realize that this Southern California Edison location, in Irwindale California, was the same location of a employee shooting were four people were injured or killed. And I’am this dumb bozo taking pictures of the Edison building, walking around like nothing happens. I was wondering why there were so many security guards around.  But no one approached me are stopped me from taking the photos. It was not until later, on the freeway going home, that I heard a news story about the shooting and they said it was the Irwindale location, where I was.

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Wrong Sales Tactic

Oct 05 2011 Published by under American Consumer, Future things


Nissan is using the wrong slogan in their marketing plan when selling the Nissan Leaf.  They are currently pushing the “Zero Emission” of the 100% electric Leaf. This is evident with there latest TV commercial  “Gas Powered Everything” and even the previous “Polar Bear” commercial.  I think the Zero Emission crowd is too small of a market segment for a successful re-introduction of the EV .

The market segment Nissan needs to be going after is the “Energy Independence” crowd.  I think this is a much larger segment of the population. These are the people who are not  core environmentalist. This group has a real concern about the  United States dependency  on foreign oil and the wildly fluctuating cost of gasoline. This is the group that Nissan should be appealing too.

What is the significance of energy independence? It is the ability to drive a car with out the use of  foreign oil.  Even if it means that the source of Domestic energy is not environmentally friendly.  The source of the energy that produces the electricity could be from coal, Natural gas, hydro, nuclear, solar or wind.  As long as the energy is domestic.

So Nissan needs to look at a market larger than the ‘Zero Emissions”  group and go after the much larger “Energy Independence” group.



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Have you gone Key Less yet?

Aug 03 2010 Published by under Future things, Geek stuff

How things change. I use to have a pocket full of keys. You know a key for the house, and key for the car and Key for work and some how the number of keys just grew. Will now I do not have any keys in my pocket and guess what I do not need any keys for normal daily  life.

The world is going key less, in respect to the old fashion metal tumbler keys. Now days I carry around electronic do dads in my pocket. For the car it is great. You do not even need to take anything out of your pocket to unlock the door. It just automatically unlocks for you. Just grab the door handel and poof the door pops open. Then to start the car just push the button on the dash. That’S it.

For work, it is a wireless iButton that allows Me to unlock and open the door. Not as hands free as the car access. Still the same iButton can get you in the main office door and any other door you are authorized too open.  The iButton access can be limited by time of day or even the day of week. Plus when a employee leaves you just deactivate his iButton.

Now your saying, what about your house , well in the car there is the home link system that allows me to open the garage door, so who needs a key to open your house. and if your not in your car there is an outside keypad that you can use to open the garage door.

All this stuff is not rocket science, and has been available for almost 10 years. So what is the big deal. The big deal is the adoption rate of the technology recently and the low cost. It seems this technology is every where. Makeing it easer for every one to go key less.




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Chevy Volt pricing

Well today is the day Chevy announced the pricing on the new Volt.  If you have been living under a rock, the Volt is Chevy answer to the electric car. It is not a true ALL electric since it has an on-board gas driven generator. So Chevy called it a “extender Range” electric vehicle. I guess you need the generator as the Volt has one of the worst range numbers in it’s field. There are several other ALL electric cars that bost a 100 mile range, like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla S.

So now that pricing has been announced you can order you new Chevy Volt at selected Chevy dealers. Yo can find thoughs special dealers here. The volt will first be available is selected markets like California and New York and the rolled out the the other areas. The list price with out any rebates starts at $41,000 and will be in showrooms in November 2010.

It have been a long wait since the GM EV1 was pulled form the public. There have been lots of manufactures discussing products in this field. In late 2010 and 2011 we will starts see several electric cars on the highway. Is going to be and exciting time. We will see it the wait was worth it. So get you solar PV panels installed and start driving fossil fuel free!



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Google Chrome OS

Nov 19 2009 Published by under Changing scene, Future things, Geek stuff, Google


In a nutshell the Google Chrome browser is the Google Chrome OS. It is aimed toward a netbook. There will be no disk drive only a RAM or solid state memory. Googles plan is to have the OS ready for Christmas next year.

So the good news is Google OS will load in 7 sec. The bad news all your data will be in the cloud. But is that  good or bad news. If your data is out in the cloud you can access a document from your notebook or your home machine or your office machine. So that is good, right.

Google Chrome OS  introduces a secure platform that stores your user settings in the cloud. If you loose your netbook , just get a new one and log-in to the cloud and you setting will all be there with your files.


Everything you do in Chrome OS will be in the browser. So all your applications will be web based. Google claims that this is to make computers more accessibly,  less costly to install and maintain.

The example Google gave was you can buy several netbooks for $300 each. Load Google’s Chrome OS and get an adorable house wide solution. And since Google’s Chrome OS  is auto undated you do not have software updates to buy and install on all your home PC. For me that would have saved the purchase of the new windows 7  Family Pack and several hours of installation time and i still have bugs to solve to get everything working.

Looks like something I will be install at home as most of the laptops we use, around the house, are for web browsing and e-mail. So a new netbook with Google’s Chrome OS will be a lot cheaper.

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Wave Taking Over the E-mail World

Aug 25 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Future things, Geek stuff, Google


Is Google Wave what e-mail should be? What category does Google Wave  fit anyway? What is Google Wave exactly? Does it do too much?

It looks to me as Google is pushing for a complete paradigm change in the internet communication sea. At first glance, Google Wave, does E-mail, Instant messaging, pulse Collaboration. But then you start to peel back the layers and there is so much more. You could use Google Wave to Tweet, blog, share photos albums, project documentation, play games and the list keeps going on and on….

So will the world’s tides be shifted by the Google Wave. The first problem is Google Wave requires a forklift replacement of the old way of doing things on the internet today. Namely it replaces IM and E-mail as we know them to day, for the better in my opinion. After all that was the geniuses of the Google Wave project the mission was “What would e-mail be like, if it were created today, not 40 years ago?”

So you might see early adopters start using Google Wave in a Corporate or business setting. Google Wave could increase productive by offering faster communication and better collaboration between staff. Will the corporate world want all that data stored in the Google cloud? Or will they install their own Federation copy of Google Wave?

So will we be using Google Wave in a year or two? Or will the Google Wave project lead to something else that is better and easier to implement? Or will Google Wave be a wash out?

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Aptera – Car, Spaceship, or Golf Cart

Aug 14 2009 Published by under Cars, Changing scene, Future things


Well, what is this thing?  The Aptera will go from zero to 60 in under 10 seconds. You will get more than 100 miles-per-charge. The thing is the most aerodynamic looking  vehicle on the road.  It is legal on the freeway but only hasthree wheels.

So I think we can  eliminate the Aptera being and expensive golf cart, as it goes too fast to be a golf cart and is freeway legal.  So what about a spaceship. Aptera sure looks like a spaceship, with the blugey front windshield and the extream aerodynamic styling. But since it has three wheels and is earth bound we can rule out the Aptera being a spaceship.

What the Aptera is a very light, very strong, 100% electric vehicle.

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Final Countdown to Digital TV

Jun 02 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Future things


As of today June first, 2009 there are only twelve days left of analog television transmission. If you are not ready now you are out of time to get a government discount coupon. But you can still get a converter box. You’re just going to pay full price.

You will need a converter box if you are still receiving your television over an antenna. IF you are using a satellite dish, cable, internet or phone services to get your television you have nothing to worry about. You will see not anything difference or will not have any interruption Saturday morning June the thirteen.

The government has put together an extensive website with all kinds on helpful information on the fast approaching cutover date. They have, maps, troubleshooting guide, do it yourself info, transition statistics, DTV made easy section, Broadcasters Center, and a Media toolkit. All to help the America public make the change to digital television.

Digital Television is all most here, and it is about time.

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All Electric car with Net connection

May 02 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene, Future things


So will the Tesla Model S be a car of firsts?

- First all electric car with 160 mile range standard.
- First with option to go 300 miles on a single battery pack.
- First to offer a five minuet battery pack swap.
- First 3G network connected car.
- First with a 17″ information display.
- First all electric that looks fantastic.
- First with real world performance 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.
- First all electric passenger the will go 120 mph

As electric car go, the Telsa Model S goes and goes and goes. More than any other all electrical car that is currently being discussed. With a top range of 300 miles the Tesla S is more than a commuter car. It can be used for trips, and with a 5 minuet battery swap the range is endless. Imagine, if fully charged battery packs were available on the highway at places like gas stations. But instead of filling up with gasoline you swap your spent battery pack for a fully charged battery pack. Then you just keep driving, for anothe 300 miles.

For the negative crowd out there, that argue power plants pollute too, I will be recharging my all electric car, with renewable power, solar and wind. So when I start driving an all electric vehicle it will truly be green. Plus I will not be dependent on the oil companies.

Tesla Model S is a truly network connected car. Reports are the information center will run Google’s Android operating system and the Google Chrome web browser. You will have access to Google maps in real time along with YouTube for entertainment. You will also be able to check the charging status of the, Tesla Model S, on your cell phone.

Now will this car ever get to the masses? I hope so. Tesla Motors plans to build 20,000 a year, in a plant in sothern California. Current estimates are the car will be on the street late 2011 or early 2012. Tesla is still looking to the government for cash and their are several big investors, like the founder of Google. So the future looks bright for the $49,000 Tesla Model S.

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Ford BEV beats out Chev Volt

Apr 11 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Cars, Changing scene, Future things

ford_bev1-300x151Here is another all electric vehicles to get excited about, The Ford Focus BEV. More so then the products from Phoenix Motor Company.  Why? Because it will be distributed by a nation wide network of Ford dealerships. Plus the Ford BEV ( battery electric vehicle) is not a extend range or hybrid vehicle. It is a pure plug-in.

The Chevrolet Volt is an extended range vehicle that will only go 40 mile before the on-board diesel charger kicks in. The Ford Focus BEV has a 100 mile range. A hundred mile does not sound like a lot but the majority of Americans drive less then 100 mile round trip to work every day.

Ford is also shelding  itself of the high cost and risk of vehicle development.  Magna International Inc. bought their own Ford Focus and converted it to an all electric vehicle. The conversion was on Magna Internationals dime, then they delivered it to Fords door step. Where as General Motors has been spending millions and years developing the Chev Volt.

Who has the better solution? In my opinion it will be the Ford Fusion BEV. My one wish would be that the cars looked a bit more cutting edge, like the original Volt concept. The Production version always seams to get dumbed down and look like just another car.

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