My top 10 computer geeks tips

Mar 28 2009 Published by under American Consumer, Geek stuff

Top 10 Computer Geeks tips:


1. Make backups of all the stuff you cannot afford too loose. That includes your photos and music library.

2. IF it does not work re-boot. The majority of problems can be overcome by a simple reboot.

3. Save, save and save again. Do not expect me to be able to recover the project you been working on all day when windows hangs up. So when your working on a big project save it.

4. When saving your work create a separate version each time you save your work. This will allow you several restarting points if you screw up the file or if the one file you have is unreadable.

5. Do not forget your password. Passwords are secure, there are encryptions algorithms, systems and safeguards in place to make then nearly imposable to hack or recover a password.

6. If your hard drive fails and you did not do number one, you’re screwed. Data can sometimes be recovered but it is very expensive and time consuming.

7. Free down loads are not Free. You’re exposing your machine to the possibility of Virus, adware, spyware, Trojan horse etc…

8. Free software is not free. Some free software is a pain to install and configure. Don’t expect me to spend several hours installing and troubleshooting your free application software.

9. Just because you read it on the internet does not mean it is TRUE. Use your common sense and do a little research. Do not just blindly disseminate the false information to a 100 people via e-mail.

10. For fewer problems buy an apple computer.

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