Whats up with womans Heels

Oct 15 2008 Published by under American Consumer, Changing scene, Dumb Americans

highheelsHow high are women heels going to get. This fashion season we are seeing high heels that are like skyscrapers. a few short years ago a three inch high heel was on the high end. Now we are seeing seven and eight inch high heels with a platform sole.

Are eight inch heels piratical? What about women’s health, doctors are getting more complaints about back, leg and foot pain, from women that are wearing extremely high heels. I would like to know how women drive a car with these extreme heels. And what about twisting an ankle and falling in public.

But it seems that women are will to do just about anything to live with the pain. Some even get cosmetic injectables, like Restylane™ or Juvederm™ , shot into the balls of their foot to increase the padding of the sole of the foot. This is only a temporary solution that last about 5 months.

So how dumb are Americans, that we will wear these ridiculous high shoes that are dangerous in so many ways. Reports are the shoes are flying off the store shelves. So what is motivating the purchase of these over the top high heel shoes?

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