Genie garage door hack

Dec 19 2014 Published by under SmartThings

My Genie model 1000 has a wall console that has three functions ( light control, door control, and door lock) but only uses two wires. So simply shorting the two wires does NOT open the garage door. And I wanted to control the garage door from my SmartThings app.


I found out that you can have two wall consoles connect to the same opener. So I bought a second wall console and took it apart.

All you need to do is remove the two terminal screws on the back and then pry out the circuit board. On the front side of the board (side facing the buttons). There is a white membrane that create the three buttons. Pull the plastic off. It will expose the foil areas that are the button contacts.


The main contacts, in the middle, are used to open and close the door. You have a center foil pad and a donut foil ring around the center contact. You will need to solder a wire on to both the center pad and the donut pad.

The easy way to do this it to tint both the foil pads and the wire before you solder the wire to the circuit board. This way you will use as little time and heat as need to make the connection. The wire should be small that 20 or 22 gage wire. Be careful not to create a solder bridge between the center pad and the donut. keeping the exposed wire very short will help.

Hacked Genie wall console circuit board

Hacked Genie wall console circuit board


Now you have a pair of wire that can be connected to the LFM-20 blue relay wires. So the garage door is now automated using SmartThings. Connect the hacked wall console in parallel with the original wall console. you should get a red LED on both consoles. I used a terminal strip to secure all the wires.


Now you have the original wall console for the normal wall button and the hacked wall console for the SmartThing controller.

Yes you could make this all work with ONE wall controller but this was a safer and more of a modular approach. Plus if things go wrong It is very easy to disconnect and remove.

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